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Venix provides software development and other computer related services to individuals and businesses.

Today inexpensive computer hardware is capable of meeting most people's needs. The challenge lies in acquiring, configuring and integrating software to maximize efficiency while preserving security and minimizing expenses. The rise of Linux and free_software has created new approaches and methods to meeting that challenge. Contact Venix about how you can benefit from this new approach to managing your software.

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What is Free Software?

This is actually using free in the sense of free speech. The software:

  • is free of user count restrictions
  • is free of CPU restrictions
  • comes with source code that you can modify and resell

This ability to resell is important. It guarantees that prices will not be artificially inflated. In actual practice, most free software is given away. That means free as in free lunch! The catch is that you need a fairly high level of expertise to install and configure the software. You will have to pay for that expertise. TANSTAAFL - There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

Most complex software requires the purchase of installation and support. Even large companies often out-source software support. So this kind of expense is hard to avoid.

With Free Software you get important benefits as compared to most commercial software licenses.

You avoid vendor lockin. If you are dissatisfied with the job your support vendor is doing, you can find another vendor. The software belongs to you.

Your money does not go to sales and marketing. The money goes to making the software work for you. Improvements to software and documentation are shared with the user community. This is a much more efficient distribution system.